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Monday, October 19, 2009

You've Got A Friend

One of the most caring, precious people I've ever met posted something on Facebook today that I'd like to help her with if I could.  And I'd also like to ask if you could help them as well.  This is what I read first thing this morning:

"A fellow classmate is going through chemo and will be losing her hair soon. I am shaving my head with her. I am sending this note out to 'sistas' and friends...WE NEED HATS, SCARFS,...WIGS, DO-RAGS...anything to cover our bald eagle heads with...last time she did not have too much of a selection, so I want to change that!
Jil, has the brave heart and soul as a warrior...and I want to have the honor, to fight with her, by her side! We need hats to keep our heads warm thru the winter months......luv ya Jil!"

What a friend Rhonda is...she is going to shave her head so that her friend does not have to go through the loss of hair by herself.    Could you do this act of solidarity for someone?   I honestly can't say if I could be that selfless. 

In their honor, I would like to start a "Hats of Hope" campaign.  So please, look through your closets and see if there's something you could donate to this cause...if see something at a garage sale that would work...your kids old caps...anything.  I'd like to be able to give Jil a wonderful wardrobe of hat choices to wear while she goes through this time in her life.  And we can't forget Rhonda's bald head either.  What a friend to do this for someone just as the winter months are coming up.  As she said, it's only hair and it's nothing compared to what her friend is going through. 

Please email me at arustysouthernbelle@gmail.com if you're able to help and I'll let you where you can send the hats/caps/scarf/do-rags.  When Jil and Rhonda no longer need their head wear, I'd like to be able to "pay this forward" and give them to another person needing them.  Send those hats and all the prayers that go with them to someone else who needs them.  And so on ...and so on...and so on.  You know, just like the old shampoo commercial.  


2PreppyGirls.com said...

I would be happy to donate a Monogrammed hat (or I can write ever you wish on it)!

Please check out my hat selection at 2PreppyGirls.com and then contact me and let me know what color, font and text you would like!

Prayers for your friend -

Laurie said...

I'd love to donate something! I'll email you for the address. Good luck and what a GREAT idea! I'd love to share it. Seems I know TOO MANY people with cancer right now. I'm a new follower from 2PreppyGirls, too.

Queen of Quite A Lot said...

Laurie -- That would be wonderful! Jil, the girl who has cancer, had a 5-hr. chemo treatment this week so the sooner we can get things to her the better. If you'd like to send something, you can send it to:

Hats of Hope
C/O 2440 Santa Rosa Road
Lake Charles LA 70611

Thank you again for your thoughtful offer!

Mind Of Mindi said...

This is inspirational! Those girls are heros!