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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Better Late Than Never

Have y’all heard about the podcast ‘Serial’?  Have you listened to this one?  I’m only half-way through it but am so engrossed with the story I can’t believe it. Actually, it shouldn't come as a shock to anyone who knows me. The only surprising thing should be that I'm this late to the party.  

You see, That Man’s job requires him to be on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  This means there are many nights he sleeps in the guest room when he knows his phone is going to go off with an alarm or two.  If I’m completely honest, it's not upsetting to me and don’t think it’s not a bad thing at all.

That's because when he’s sleeping at the other end of the house, I've got a big, comfy king-sized bed all to myself with more pillows that should be allowed and can watch the ID channel with no eye-rolling or comments along the lines of, “You’re watching this channel again?”  Sidebar: That’s hilarious coming from Mr. Always watching the Military/History/H2/AHC/Velocity/Fishing Channel.

Anyway, I set the TV’s sleep timer for 90 minutes and blissfully drift off to sleep listening to ‘Swamp Murders’ or ‘Stolen Voices, Buried Secrets’…perhaps even ‘Who the (BLEEP) Did I Marry?’  A marathon of ‘Dateline’ or maybe ‘Southern Fried Homicide...yes, please! 

With this little glimpse into my deep fascination with murder mysteries or true crime stories, it should come as no secret that I’m obsessed with this story.  Here’s a synopsis of the story according to the Serial podcast website:

It's Baltimore, 1999. Hae Min Lee, a popular high-school senior, disappears after school one day. Six weeks later detectives arrest her classmate and ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, for her murder. He says he's innocent - though he can't exactly remember what he was doing on that January afternoon. But someone can. A classmate at Woodlawn High School says she knows where Adnan was. The trouble is, she’s nowhere to be found.

Serial is a podcast hosted by Sarah Koenig. It tells one story - a true story - over the course of an entire season. Each season, they follow a plot and characters and you don’t know what happens until you reach the end of the season. Each week it’s a new chapter in the story, so maybe it's a good thing I'm late to the party. This way I'm able to listen to them one after the other because if I'd have had to wait a week for the next installment, I might have ended up on one of those ID shows I love so much.   
Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to indulge my latest obsession!

Happy Hump Day, y’all!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Winter. Nature's Way of Saying, "Up Yours!"

February 2nd – the day we put all our hope in a skittish brown rodent to tell us whether Spring is on its way.  

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and predicted six more weeks of winter.  But should you really trust someone who resides in a place called Gobbler’s Knob? 

Meanwhile in Georgia, General Beauregard Lee emerged from his classy mansion, Weathering Heights, where he did not see his shadow.  

Here in the Bayou State when Pierre C. Shadeaux, a large nutria rat, crept out of his Acadian style home in New Iberia this morning, he didn’t see his silhouette either.  

Once again it appears to be a battle of the North vs. the South so which one should we believe?

I’m so tired of the cold. Well, as cold as it gets here in Louisiana. I’m not normally affected with the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder, but this year has really gotten to me. I’m tired of gloomy, rainy, wet days. I want sunshine and warmer temps. Also this cold weather really does a number on my muscles, causing some truly bad days with fibromyalgia flares.  In fact, today I’m feeling every bit of my 50 years and 103 days.  I love wearing my boots and sweaters but what I wouldn't give right now for a sunny day and flip flops. 

So even though I really want to write a funny witty post about a rodent deciding our seasons, this is all I've got. I'm about as exciting as the halftime show during last night's Super Bowl.  And with that, I’m off to cook supper for me and That Man.  

If I was a betting woman I’d go all in on me taking a long, hot bath and hitting the hay very early tonight. 

Stay warm, y’all!

Friday, January 30, 2015

I'm Glad You Were My Teacher

The teacher who helped instill my love of language and the written word passed away today.  It only seems fitting to sit down and write something about this wonderful woman.  

Margie Fuller touched not only the lives of her students but I’m sure more people than she or the rest of her pupils will ever know. I regret not being able to tell her how much I appreciate all she did for me. It’s because of things I learned in her class that Katiebug stops and thinks whether the correct word to use is ‘good’ or ‘well’ before she uses it in a sentence.  (For the record, something tastes good but you perform a task well.) 

All of her students took something away with them and pleonasms just happens to be mine. They were something I learned about from Mrs. Fuller in my first year Journalism class.  I still remember most of them some 33 years later.  In fact, I quoted her this past weekend while I was with the JUGs.  Someone used the phrase ‘tuna fish {shudder}. I immediately launched into my standard, “It’s tuna. There is no tuna cat nor is there a tuna dog. It’s tuna!” Same thing with ‘hot water heater’…if your water is hot, why do you have to heat it?  It’s a water heater. 

Now you know one of the reasons why I’m such a grammar Nazi. Mrs. Fuller helped fuel my love of words and all things associated with them. She imparted her wisdom to those of us in Journalism to write the ‘Who, What, Why, When and How’ so people would not only understand but also enjoy the story. 

She revealed the secret of cutting out the superfluous in order to stick to the details. Of course, I use that technique now only when necessary. A love of words sometimes means you can’t decide which one to use so you use them all. I think she’d approve.

Rest is peace, Mrs. Fuller. You will be missed but definitely not forgotten.

Teaching is the profession that
 teaches all the other professions.”

~ Author Unknown

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Together Forever

Whenever I get tiny glimpses into the lives of others, I wonder about the tribes they belong to.  Do they have friends they can turn to in real life, or are they only connected to an online support community?  

If you've been around for any length of time, you know I have some important friends in my life that I refer to as the JUGs – Just Us Girls.  I don’t know what I did in life to have these lifelong forever friends, but I thank The Big Guy upstairs daily for these incredible women. There’s nothing more comforting in life than knowing you have people you can count on to make you laugh. That they're there when you need a shoulder to cry on. Or at a moment’s notice, will stop what they’re doing and pray for you should you need.  

I've always mentioned the JUGs as a group, but never individually.  So without giving away their actual identities that allow these super heroes to move amongst the mere mortals, I thought I’d give you a little insight into who these individual women are. 

First a little background.  We’re from an area of Southeast Texas known as the Golden Triangle located about 90 from Houston.  Our high school, PN-G, was made up of students from two neighboring towns – Port Neches and Groves.  We went to elementary and junior high (that’s what it was in our day…no ‘middle school’ for us) in our respective home towns but came together our sophomore year of high school.  We were cheerleaders, drill team members, band members and twirlers together.  We spent many a night under the Friday Night Lights.  In fact the team that movie/show is based on, Odessa Permian, was defeated by our alma mater the PN-G Indians in 1975 in Texas Stadium. 

We went to baby ballet together, grew up in the same neighborhoods, walked to school together, were in Blue Birds/Brownies/Girl Scouts together, shared clothes, served in each other’s weddings, helped weather bad relationships.  You name it, we were there.

Together we've celebrated births and grieved the loss of parents and siblings.  Between the 20 of us, we have 37 children and 10 grandchildren. We take care of our parents who are not as healthy as they once were.  Twelve of us still have both our parents while 6 have only one left. Some have never married while others divorced. Some are on second marriages and others are married 25 plus years.

In addition to playing the role of Super Friend, there are 5 teachers, 1 paralegal, 4 in some form in the accounting industry, 1 interior designer, 1 flight attendant, 5 who work in the corporate world, 2 nurses and 1 whom we refer to as The First Lady of --, because her husband is the mayor of the Texas town where they live.   

We make time for each other. We so look forward to our bi-annual JUGs weekends. We plan our calendars around them. When we see each other, it’s as if we've never been apart.  Our conversations pick up right where we left off. If you ask any of our husbands, they say they’d love to be a fly on the wall for a JUGs weekend but we all know they couldn't handle it.  We've shared secrets with each other we’d never tell anyone else on the planet.  Actually most of them would faint if they knew exactly just what is shared during those wine drinking, pajama wearing, late night conversations! 

I wish each of you could walk in my shoes during one of these weekends.  Everyone should be allowed to feel what it’s like to have a support system as wonderful as the JUGs.  I know I’ll never be able to properly thank these women for what they've contributed to my life.  I can only hope they know just how special and loved they are. 

Do you have people in your life you feel the same about?  If so, please tell me about them.  I’d love to know there are other groups of women out there building each other up. Make it a point to call a friend to tell them how special they are to you. 

Have a great weekend, y’all!